Welcome to WoW The Musical (WTM)

Welcome to WoW The Musical!   We are currently one of the largest, most stable and OLDEST guild on the Shandris realm. We have long been known for being a group of friendly, helpful people. We like to think of the guild as our online family here to socialize and have fun together. In WoW the Musical we like to keep things casual, and treat it as a family environment. The guild is led by Richardboone . It was started January 14th 2007 by Magma (who was a Drama Major in college), who passed the leadership on to Magiere, then to Tamis,who then  passed to the current leader, Richardboone, who holds the guild rank of Producer and all of his alts are labled in the public notes so that you may find him no matter what alt he may currently be playing on. The ranking system in our guild reflects the character's game Level.  Our Motto is "No Drama".  If your interested in Raiding, contact Spamella.

• All guild members wishing to attend a raid MUST HAVE Vent and Deadly Boss Mods to even be considered. A lot of tactics are discussed via vent and DBM is needed for raid warnings etc. • All raids will be posted on the website and anyone wishing to attend must sign up on the website. If you encounter any problems with signing up, then please in-game mail the Guild Leader or one of the Raid Leaders so this issue can be addressed. • Any toon not meeting the appropriate gear score for the proposed raid will be placed on a reserve list. It will then be at the discretion of the raid leader, following a vote between all raid attendees if the comprised group has enough over-geared toons to accommodate the under-geared toon. If a general consensus cannot be reached, the Raid Leader will have the final say. • If you are signed up for a raid, then you are expected to attend. Failure to attend three (3) raids that you have signed up for, without a legitimate excuse; will lead to you being placed on the reserve list and places gives to those that have shown the commitment to attend. • Raid invites will be issued 15 minutes before the raid is scheduled to start. Please make sure that you have repaired, emptied bags, have reagents, potions, elixirs etc .before going on the raid. • All loot will be handled according to guild loot rules with no exceptions.