Welcome to WoW The Musical (WTM)

Welcome to WoW The Musical!   We are currently one of the largest, most stable and OLDEST guild on the Shandris realm. We have long been known for being a group of friendly, helpful people. We like to think of the guild as our online family here to socialize and have fun together. In WoW the Musical we like to keep things casual, and treat it as a family environment. The guild is led by Richardboone . It was started January 14th 2007 by Magma (who was a Drama Major in college), who passed the leadership on to Magiere, then to Tamis,who then  passed to the current leader, Richardboone, who holds the guild rank of Producer and all of his alts are labled in the public notes so that you may find him no matter what alt he may currently be playing on. The ranking system in our guild reflects the character's game Level.  Our Motto is "No Drama".  If your interested in Raiding, contact Spamella.


It is up to YOU to notify an officer or the guild leader when you are ready for the next level.




Auditionee (New - Neutral) - New Members - 1If not logged in over a month, will be the first to be booted to make room for new member when we hit the guild cap or while doing housekeeping.


On Tour - Must be Registered  - Members in the Military on Deployment or Out of the Game for a while.


Extra - Levels 1-89


Understudy - Levels 90-99


Star - Level 100



Prima Donna- Be Raid Ready**, Must sign up and show up for raids.  Gets first pick for raids.


Officers are Directors - Here to assist all guild members, they are in charge in the absence of the GL. (Must be nominated by another Officer).  All Officer Alts are titled Assistant Director.


Guild Leader/Producer - Over worked, under paid and does not get enough game time due to whispers and admin chores.