Welcome to WoW The Musical (WTM)

Welcome to WoW The Musical!   We are currently one of the largest, most stable and OLDEST guild on the Shandris realm. We have long been known for being a group of friendly, helpful people. We like to think of the guild as our online family here to socialize and have fun together. In WoW the Musical we like to keep things casual, and treat it as a family environment. The guild is led by Richardboone . It was started January 14th 2007 by Magma (who was a Drama Major in college), who passed the leadership on to Magiere, then to Tamis,who then  passed to the current leader, Richardboone, who holds the guild rank of Producer and all of his alts are labled in the public notes so that you may find him no matter what alt he may currently be playing on. The ranking system in our guild reflects the character's game Level.  Our Motto is "No Drama".  If your interested in Raiding, contact Spamella.



# Do not swear, troll, snipe. put down or act vulgar on the guild channel. We are not trying to cut everything out, but keep in mind there may be younger players around and members who may be offended by things like vulgarity, racist jokes, or talking about religion or politics.  You will be WARNED ONCE and then booted if you do not cease.


# NO BEGGING - Especially in Public channels - You will get booted IMMEDIATELY if seen or reported to an officer/Guild Leader


# We expect everyone to treat each other with respect, and for you to work together as a team. If you see someone questing n the same region as you are, send them a tell and team up. Quests go much faster and are more fun that way and you get to know your fellow guildies better


# We do have a set of guild bank rules, everyone is expected to read and abide by them or you will have your bank privileges revoked.


#We do not allow people who share accounts as it is against Blizzard's ToS and YOU the account holder are responsible for ANYTHING that someone does on your account. We do not want to hear "My brother or kid got on my account and did that"


# Please show your team spirit by wearing the guild tabard. Yes you may wear a tabard you have earned in place of this to show personal achievement if you want.


# No Begging of money, dungeon runs, or quest help. This goes especially in trade/general chat. Of course you are encouraged to seek help but if there is nobody that can help, seek others or put it off for a later date.


# Most IMPORTANT rule of all is if you wish access to the bank and to be promoted above Auditionee, YOU MUST REGISTER ON THE Website!!! You MUST use your Main Toon's name as the User Name so we know who you are and it you have alts put your main toons "Alt (richardboone)" in the public notes, so they can get promoted also. There is a two week waiting period until you are promoted and all ranks are based on your Guild Rep.  If you have an authenticator, you will have greater access to material and allowed to use Guild Repair when you hit Honored status.